Cary Simpson, a.k.a. C'mon Cary

I started playing piano around the age of 11 years old. From there I was in several rock bands in high school. After high school I went on to college. After 2 years of college I left school to travel on the road with a country band called DaKota. After several years on the road I decided to come home. Since then I worked with a long string of bands such as 'Whitewater' 'Midnite Run' 'Sol' 'Blacklabel' 'Tru Sol' and now Chocolate Chip And Company!

I guess I was influenced by Jon Caine from Journey and Billy Joel just to name a couple. Growing up in the 80's I have many favorites in the music industry. I enjoy a wide variety of music including Rock, Pop, Country, and others and that is what do in Chocolate Chip And Company Band!

Cary Simpson